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Sports massage therapy is aimed more towards athletes of any kind, from professional athletes to the weekend jogger. This form of massage is perfect for treating injuries as well as a preventativ measure that deals with the health  of muscles and its conective tissues, range of motion, tone, symmetry, balance of muscles and quality of posture. Typically the techniques used in sports massage therapy all depend on the type of sport the athlete participates in. The massage therapist will focus more on the over worked and stressed muscles that are a result  of the repetitive and often aggressive movements the athlete preforms in their sport.

Massage Therapy For Athletes 

Massage therapy for sports is growing in popularity as a helpful part in a well balanced training regimen. This type of massage can be used before a big game to reduce the recovery time and to maximize the athletes performance in the game. It can also be used after the game to help those sore muscles recover. Athletes have figured out that a specially designed sports massage therapy session can reduce fatigue, improve endurance,  helps to prevent injuries and prepares their body's and their minds for optimal performance. According to a 2010 study in the Journal Of Strength and Conditioning as little as a 30 second massage helped the hip-flexor achieve a higher range of motion. 

One of the main benefits of massage therapy for sports, when compared to other types of massage therapy is its ability to target  muscle- tendon junction points in the body. For anyone who plays a sport regularly, having a session of sports massage therapy every week to every other week would be an advised addition to your normal routine.

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